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- Reproductions of Vintage Signs and Decor -

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  • Double Sided Flange Signs

    Flange signs have been used by merchants for hundreds of years. They let consumers know about the business from down the street. Our flange signs are wonderful reproductions of these vintage signs.

    Flange Signs 
  • Food and Drink Signs

    Signs were the best form of advertising for food and drink companies from the late
    1930’s through the 1950’s.  Most signs were placed inside or outside of
    the neighborhood grocery stores and by roadsides to help promote a
    particular brand. 

    Food and Drink Signs 
  • Bottle Openers

    The wall mounted bottle opener has a major advantage: you only need one hand to pop off the cap. The expended cap falls into a cap catcher positioned under the opener, or perhaps down onto the floor.

    Bottle Openers